New journey in 2020!

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2020-01-14

The dawn of the new year arrived on schedule, and inadvertently, it was 2020.

Looking back, I want to move forward better. In 2019, we have gone through an extraordinary year together. The reorganization has all the necessary elements, and it is now fulfilling the approval procedures of the SASAC of the State Council. The production and operation are stable and good. Yaoji actively adjusts its product structure. 1.8-2.2mm glass has successfully entered the automotive glass, electronic glass and photovoltaic glass markets; Technological transformation continued to advance, leading products expanded to borosilicate 4.0 and borosilicate fire-resistant glass; all three subsidiaries' major pollutants achieved ultra-low emissions and stable operation, leading the flat glass industry; the location of the new park was determined, and Future development directions are determined distinctively, system management improvement; Party building work is solid and effective ... All gains are sweat.

Hello, 2020, new year, as well as new starting point...

The new journey begins with determination. Returning to the embrace of central enterprises, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth, carried the expectations of Yaohua employees. 2020 will be a crucial year for Yaohua's development. Faced with new opportunities, we need to take up our responsibilities, take the courage to take up the challenges, and meet the challenges.

The new journey starts with responsibility. We are well aware that there are risks and challenges in the road ahead. We also clearly realized that in the field of float glass, compared with the advanced level in the industry, we still have a gap, and we need to face the problem squarely and face the shortcomings. Gap is the direction of hard work. Responsibility is the driving force for rebuilding. We have a heavy responsibility to reshape the brand.

The new journey, into responsibility. Development is our unremitting pursuit. We will use the central enterprise platform and technological advantages to substantially promote the construction of new parks, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and achieve the goal of "green environmental protection, safe production, first-class efficiency, continuous innovation, employee happiness, and shareholder satisfaction. The key lies in our team. Responsibility, benefit others, and shape ourselves. Every effort you make will ultimately achieve us.

2020 is now, and our future is the sea of stars. There is no such thing as glory, but only the splendor of coming. New journey, start again!

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